Procrastinate, procrastinate, procrastinate.

Is there a point to this weblog? Probably not, but I’ve wanted to have one for about ten years. I started one in 2003—hand coded—which, funnily enough, didn’t last long. The posts were, for the most part, really short, and the venerable Twitter fulfils this role now.

As the title suggests, I am not the world champion of doing. In fact, it is a miracle that I have finished this post at all. Originally I was going to write about Spotify, but after it sat unfinished here for several months it was becoming more and more out of date. In the end it was beginning to look like it was becoming an essay (and a boring one at that). So I’m afraid you are stuck reading this.

At least this post is more webloggy than what I had planned. I am not, and do not want to be, Mashable. Also, I seem more able to write about myself than anything else. So, for those of you have read this far, you can probably expect more of this navel-gazing in future. Sorry.

I blame ADHD.


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