Origins of my Egotistical Evangelism

Sunday is upon us and I have some “wisdom” to impart.

You may wonder what the title of this blog means. Sur Cette Roche. It is, in fact, a bad pun. According to Google Translate it means Upon This Rock an hilarious, and obscure, reference to the fact that I grew up attending an evangelical Baptist church.

From what I remember, apart from one particular event that I may write about in the future, the religious element of the church kinda went over my head a little. By the time I was old enough to make my own choice about attending I had no belief or faith in the existence of God, and at that point I suppose I became a non-theist. The one thing that I have absorbed from my time amongst God's flock is the spirit of evangelism, so much so that I constantly have to keep a check on how much I rave on about certain subjects, especially Apple. Luckily for you, dear reader, I will leave the coverage of the saviour of modern computing to the much more able John Gruber. That being said, this blog may at times degrade into non-evidence based proselytising.

Oh yes, and apparently I look like Jesus.


Phill Connell said...

Isn't it brilliant how having a beard means people associate you with Jesus? Or in some circles it would be rubbish, I suppose....

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